Wednesday's Child: Stephen

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He's probably one of the most honest kids I've ever met. Stephen will tell you he's right at home here at the Humane Society.

He says he understands the uncertainty these animals are facing, the fear they must feel for the unknown and the hope they have to be part of a loving family.

In fact, he identifies with them so much that he'd like a future taking care of such critters.

Stephen says, "when I grow older that's what I think I want to do when I grow just build a humane society and work."

Stephen, who's 15, had a blast hanging out with Charley, a Cocker-Poodle mix.

He says he loves the outdoors and his favorite sports are baseball and basketball.

Believe it or not, he also enjoys going to school.

Stephen explains, "My favorite subject in math is like algebra because like I'm dealing with negative and positive integers. And then in science I'm going on how plant cells like... what plant cells are made of... like cholorplasts and stuff like that."

Stephen believes he's better equipped to handle a small family and is hoping to find a mother and father who can provide a loving environment that is both kid and dog-friendly.