Watering Restrictions May Be Eased In Colorado Springs

Credit: AP
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There's a chance Colorado Springs Utilities customers will get a third day to water their lawns every week. City leaders are looking at the options.

A third day of watering opens up some new possibilities for Kim Green.

"I think out in our climate it’s kind of a moot point to try to keep a yard alive if you only have two days a week," she said.

Under current restrictions she's using her two days to water just her garden. Springs Utilities leaders say greater than expected snow pack levels and recent rains have bumped up water sources enough to ease off on restrictions a bit.

The Utilities Board heard their revised recommendations on Wednesday.

"This is a real encouraging sign and this is only the first two weeks of July but it’s encouraging to see our water up so much for the first two weeks," said City Councilmember Jan Martin.

According to Colorado Springs Utilities, water customers could irrigate three days a week, the third tier of the water shortage rates entry point would move from 2,000 cubic feet to 2,500 cubic feet, and the surcharge for water use greater than 2,500 cubic feet would be reduced from two times to 1.25 times the cost.

There are more discussions ahead before any changes take place, but for many looking for some extra water the forecast looks sunny, with a better chance of moisture.

"I think people would enjoy that," Green said.

City Council must pass a resolution to make an official change to the watering schedule. They're scheduled to take it up next week. Any changes would go into effect August 1.