Watch It: 20-Car Pile-up Caught On Camera

Between the blowing snow and ice, the Thursday evening commute was troublesome for drivers in southern Colorado.

Hills posed a serious challenge, especially the one on S. Carefree just west of Powers Blvd.

Time and time again cars tried to climb the hill, but were unsuccessful and caused multiple collisions, involving some 20 cars.

Amazingly, no one was seriously injured.

Ian Smith shot the video, and since it has become so popular, says he's been getting calls from around the nation.

TV stations, radio stations, network news outlets and newspapers have been contacting Smith to talk about his video, "it all just happened really fast, in one night, just a lot of stuff took place, a lot of phone calls, it was crazy".

Smith says he's having fun with all the attention, but never expected it would be this big of a deal.