Watch For Flood-Damaged Cars For Sale

Credit: AP
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Sandy hit, and Sandy hit hard. Homes, landmarks, and vehicles of all makes and models ended up feet under water. If those vehicles ever get back on the road, calling them "used" might be an understatement.

"The one I bought was used," said Colorado Springs resident named Debbie Thursday night. She currently drives a pre-owned car, but looks before she leaps. She told 11 News she wants to know where a car has been, especially if it's been through a storm like Sandy.

"I think it's your responsibility as a consumer to do a little research on it," she said.

The experts say right now crooks will start cleaning up flood damaged cars, hiding their history and putting them on the market. Law enforcement, state agencies and private companies will try to make sure damaged vehicles are listed as such.

Shoppers are encouraged to buy from an established dealership and ask for the car's history. That history can be hidden, so potential buyers should find a trusted mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection and look for signs of water damage

Some of those signs can include water lines in the trunk or engine compartment, rusted bolts underneath seats, condensation on the instrument panel or brittle wires under the dash.

We’ve also added a link to do a free VIN number check under the Find It tab.