Was Ballot Wording Misleading?

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Some voters who say they were misled by part of last year's El Paso County ballot are demanding a do-over.

Monday night, The Board of El Paso County Commissioners heard from angry voters who claim the issue involving term limits on the November 2010 ballot was worded in a way that confused voters into approving it.

This is the issue the way issue 1C appeared on the ballot.

Shall persons elected to the office of county commissioner be limited to serving three (3) consecutive terms, a modification of the current limits permitted by article xviii section 11 of the Colorado constitution?

Issues 1B and 1D read similar to that, but focused on the District Attorney's office and other elected county officials, like the clerk and recorder.

Some voters like Roger Shambaugh say the wording still raises some serious concerns. "You have got to be able to trust your government personnel," said Shambaugh.

Shambaugh and several others who showed up for the county commissioners meeting Monday night say the way the issue appeared on the ballot was misleading.

Sallie Clark, a member of the board of commissioners, disagrees. "I think the ballot language was clear and it passed with more than 64 percent of the vote and so you have to have respect for that as well,” Clark said.”

Others like Lois Lambgraf say it comes down to personal responsibility. “People who vote should know what they are voting for; they should take the time to research the issue," Lambgraf said.

Now that both sides have been heard it's up to the commissioners to decide if the issue will be put back on this year’s ballot and if so, how it will be worded.

County commissioners will hold a second meeting on Thursday, June 30 at 9 a.m. at the County Office Building at 27 east Vermijo
to discuss whether or not to put the issue back on the ballot. The meeting is open to the public.

11 News will follow-up with county leaders to find out what they decide.