Warning About Scam: Home Upgrades Targeted

We want to warn you about a scam. People are stopping by homes in our area, claiming to work alongside Colorado Springs Utilities. But we checked, and Springs Utilities says it’s not true.

"You never know who's gonna be knocking and what they might want," said Becky Huffine.

Some homeowners on the southwest side of Colorado Springs are on guard after hearing that scammers have been knocking on their neighbor’s doors.

“I keep my dog by my side when I respond and I don't let anyone in the house,” said Paul Bertrand

We’re told police were walking in the neighborhood claiming to be a construction company that works with Colorado Springs Utilities.

They wanted to get inside and give a free home evaluation in order to make homes more energy efficient. That way homeowners can get more rebates with CSU.

But officials tell us they won’t come to your house and suggest upgrades like that without you requesting it first.

“I don't really trust people that come to me, I need to go to them,” said Huffine.

A good rule of thumb CSU says to follow, but one that Huffine learned the hard way. She almost fell for a similar scam years ago when someone claimed to be with Utilities.

“That's why I allowed them to look at the house, and then after a while I was like 'no, you are not gonna be drilling holes in my home,'” said Huffine.

Her advice to neighbors: “If you don’t know them and if it’s something you didn’t call and ask for, then I wouldn’t give them the time of day."

Colorado Springs Utilities wants you to know they won’t come to your home uninvited, except for meter readings. They suggest you don’t let anyone claiming to be CSU in your home until you see an ID. If you are worried, call CSU and make sure they should be there.

CSU also wants you to know they’ve received several reports that scammers are also calling on the phone posing as Springs Utilities. They are asking for hundreds of dollars, like $800, to pay for new meters. They even say you can send a prepaid card to get started.

CSU says don’t fall for it; they won’t call you asking for money.