Wanted Man Has Dangerous Past

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11 News has learned that the suspect police are looking for has two felony warrants for his arrest. Police said they are looking for 25-year-old Kyle Saunders.

Saunders has faced charges of assault with a deadly weapon in the past, and he's pleaded guilty to burglarizing cars and felony menacing with a weapon. He was last seen in an neighborhood near Marion and Auburn Drive, just north of the Citadel Mall.

Springs police said Saunders stole from the Kohl's department store on North Nevada Saturday afternoon. After an investigation, they found Saunders to be their suspect and located him on the south side of Colorado Springs near the Citadel Mall.

When police approached him, they said he took off. Search dogs were called to the area, but did not find him.

We talked to one parent who said she shops with her kids all the time and is shocked to hear this happened during the busiest part of the day.

"Usually (my kids) are running all around and playing and you keep them close to you but you don't think there's a felon right around the corner. Especially just in a department store," mom Janel Snyder said.

Police set up a perimeter in the area, but as they started to close in, they said Saunders got away.

Saunders had previously been on parole, but two days ago he failed to show up in court, and that appears to be when the warrants were issued for his arrest.

If you see that suspect or have any information about the crime, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 634- STOP.