Waldo Canyon Trail Expected To Remain Closed For Years

Credit: USFS

Once one of the most popular trails in the Colorado Springs area, officials say it could be years before the Waldo Canyon trail reopens.

The Waldo Canyon Fire got its name from its starting point--the Waldo Canyon trail. The fire ravaged much of the seven-mile trail as it burned out of control in June 2012. Some areas affected by the fire, such as Rampart Reservoir, have since reopened. But the U.S. Forest Service says Waldo Canyon poses too much danger to users right now due to fire damage and flooding risks.

"One afternoon thunderstorm there and we would have no way to evacuate all those people," Pike National Forest spokesman Frank Landis said.

Some argue that the trail might be safe for use part of the year, and called for a seasonal closure during monsoon versus a year-round closure. Susan Davies with the Trails and Open Space Coalition advocates that idea.

But for now, Waldo Canyon remains closed indefinitely. The Forest Service estimates it could be several years before the trail is ready for recreational users again. Trespassing in the meantime could mean hefty fines or jail time.