Waldo Canyon Burglar Sentenced

David Town

One of the men convicted of burglarizing a home during the Waldo Canyon Fire has been sentenced to 12 years.

David Town pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary.

While thousands of homes were vacated during the Waldo Canyon Fire, arrest papers obtained by 11 News state that two men, Alexis Mendez and Cameron Moore, broke into an evacuee's empty home. The arrest papers say that while Mendez and Moore ransacked the house, Town waited outside the neighborhood. Afterwards, the arrest papers say Moore and Mendez gave Town several stolen items in exchange for marijuana.

Police reportedly found those stolen items in an apartment during search warrant execution on Nov. 28, 2012. Town was then arrested.

Eighty-five confirmed burglaries, 42 in homes and 43 in vehicles, were reported during the fire. Several arrests have been made in the months since the fire, but many cases still remain unsolved.