WATCH: Suspect Plows Through Garage, Threatens Drivers With Rifle During Escape Attempt

A man armed with an assault rifle allegedly tried to escape law enforcement by driving off in a Colorado Department of Transportation plow.

When he couldn't find the keys, the suspect headed for a nearby home.

A bizarre scene--all caught on camera--unfolded over the next several minutes Wednesday afternoon near Lookout Mountain in Jefferson County. Minutes after the suspect walked into the house, a news helicopter caught an SUV plowing through a garage door, then driving through a field towards I-70. That escape attempt was thwarted too after the SUV got stuck in a ditch.

With cameras still rolling, the suspect climbed out of the stalled vehicle and walked to the interstate. He began pointing his weapon at drivers to get them to pull over, but no one would stop.

A young Jefferson County sheriff's deputy watching from his motorcycle knew he was outgunned, but also knew he had to jump in.

"Trying to get into another vehicle and hijack...couldn't let that happen," 22-year-old Fred Haggett said.

Haggett ordered the suspect to put the weapon down. The suspect set it on the side of the road. Arms up, he backed away slowly as the deputy approached with his gun pointed, then scrambled around a stopped car in one last attempt to get away. Haggett yanked the suspect's tank top and tackled him to the ground, ending the suspect's wild crime spree in the middle of the interstate.

A couple of drivers got out of their vehicles and helped the deputy restrain the suspect until he could be taken into custody.

The suspect has been identified as Chris Sullivan. Authorities say the scene that played out on I-70 was only part of a busy day of criminal activity for Sullivan and a juvenile accomplice. Prior to the attempt at stealing the CDOT vehicle, Sullivan allegedly stole two other vehicles and broke another home in the Lookout Mountain area. That homeowner was inside at the time, and told sister station KCNC that the suspect threatened him with the rifle.

By the time the suspect was facedown in the middle of I-70, law enforcement says he had stolen a total of three vehicles, burglarized two homes and menaced 12 bystanders. He is now being held on a $1 million bond and faces more than a dozen charges.


Credit: KCNC