WATCH: Soldiers Reunited With Loved Ones After Nine Months Away

Hundreds of Fort Carson soldiers are back with their loved ones after nearly a year away.

The 250 soldiers returned to Colorado Friday afternoon from a nine-month deployment in Kuwait, where they helped members of the Kuwaiti Armed Forces.

Soldiers and families ran to each other the instant the troops were released from formation. Parents scooped excited children into their arms, spouses and significant others could barely keep their eyes off each other, finally together in person after so many months apart.

"I'm just excited to be with my wife, be back home," Spc. Luke North told 11 News, as his wife stood next to him, blinking back happy tears.

"Surreal...I feel like it's still just a dream," said a laughing and crying Tabatha North said.

Soldiers said it was the little things they were most looking forward to: eating dinner with their families, relaxing in their homes, spending time with their children.

"I missed them so much," one soldier said, motioning to his wife and daughter. "I can't wait to play with [my daughter] again."

The returning soldiers are with the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. They are among the 2,700 troops that are returning home. About half of that 2,700 are already back, while the rest will be returning home within the next two weeks.