Voters Show Up Amid Concerns Surrounding Recall Election

Voters line up Sept. 7 for early voting in the recall election.

Voters were out Monday to cast their ballots in favor or against the recall of Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs and Senator Angela Giron, a Democrat from Pueblo.

“I think we're under attack by people who don't want us to have guns,” said Kathryn, a voter in Colorado Springs.

“I wanted to support Senator John Morse and I really wanted to uphold what I feel is the proper democratic process,” said Artie, another Colorado Springs voter.

More than 25,000 voters have cast ballots in Pueblo and about 12,000 people have cast their ballots in El Paso County.

Over the weekend, so did the head of a Colorado-based libertarian think tank, who got a ballot by registering to vote in El Paso County. Jon Caldara says he was trying to make a point that a new election law passed by Democrats and signed into law by Gov. John Hickenlooper in May changed residency requirements.

“The question is whether anyone is doing that inappropriately,” said El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams.

As to the concerns this could lead to voter fraud, Williams said his office will look into the “day-of” registrations, case by case, for anything suspicious or fraudulent.

"The vote would be cast, would be counted, it's counted as a regular ballot because that's what the law requires.” Williams said. “But the individual might then be cheering on their elected choice from the Criminal Justice Center."

Hickenlooper is warning against any attempts to disrupt Colorado's first legislative recall election.

In a statement Monday, Hickenlooper said that there have been disturbing reports of people going to the polls not to vote but to "disrupt the process."

Spokesman Eric Brown says there have been reports of people asking for ballots but walking away without casting them in El Paso and Pueblo counties. He said the missing ballots could be used as a reason to challenge the results of the election.

The Pueblo county clerk says three people apparently didn't cast ballots on electronic machines after being given cards to activate them Saturday. Election judges there are now inserting the cards on behalf of voters.

Polls open Tuesday at 7 a.m. in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Stay with 11 News for full coverage of the results.