Voter Receives Two Election Ballots In Mail

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A voter in El Paso County ended up with more than one ballot for next week's election.

11 News is working to find out how that happened, and what voters should do in this situation.

It happened to Anita Colbert, an employee at KKTV.

She recently moved, and says she received one of the ballots at her old address and the other one at her new address.

The ballots are identical.

Colbert says she is concerned about which ballot she should submit to make sure her vote counts.

According to the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams, it's a technicality, and it doesn't happen very often.

Williams tells 11 News she should use the ballot with her new address because it's the most current.

"If you move after the initial ballots are prepared and sent, you will then be sent a second ballot to your new address. The prior ballot is voided out so that we know we can't count two ballots for you," Williams said.

In this situation, you might think you're being extra careful if you send in both, but turning in both ballots could end with some serious consequences. If people try to vote more than once, even by accident, they could face criminal charges.

Officials tell us if you are mailing your ballot, make sure to send it by Thursday. If you are dropping it off, you have until next Tuesday.