Vote Expected Tuesday On Whether To Add Third Watering Day

Credit: AP

The Colorado Springs City Council is mulling over whether to give residents an extra day for watering.

City Council will vote on the resolution Tuesday.

Colorado Springs Utilities said earlier in the month that greater than expected snow pack levels and recent rains have bumped up water sources enough to ease off on restrictions a bit.

Under present watering restrictions, Springs residents have only been allowed to water their lawns two days a week. The resolution, if approved, would bump that up to three. It would also mean a decrease in charges for using more than your allotted amount of water. Springs Utilities says if the third day were approved, the third tier of the water shortage rates entry point would move from 2,000 cubic feet to 2,500 cubic feet, and the surcharge for water use greater than 2,500 cubic feet would be reduced from two times to 1.25 times the cost.

If City Council votes to pass the resolution Tuesday, the changes should come pretty fast--the extra watering days would be added August 1.