Flood Mitigation Efforts in Ute Pass, Sand Gulch

Volunteers continued work Wednesday to try to prevent flooding in areas around the Waldo Canyon burn scar.

Dozens of volunteers were working in Sand Gulch Wednesday, which is just off of Highway 24 in Cascade. They spent the morning building rock walls around homes that could see heavy flooding.

The Coalition For the Upper South Platte hosted the project. They say this area is a high priority.

Crews removed debris and potentially dangerous structures from properties, and relocated them to higher ground. They also installed erosion control structures such as straw bale structures or log erosion barriers, and did aerial seeding around sediment retention ponds.

Flood mitigation efforts have been focused on areas that have been identified as "highly vulnerable" to flooding after the Waldo Canyon Fire. Areas along Highway 24 and Fountain Creek are included in that group.