Volunteers Pack Black Forest Regional Park For Restoration Project

This week was the one-year anniversary of the Black Forest Fire and even now crews are still hard at work to help the area recover.

On Saturday, around 100 volunteers got up early to work on a fire restoration project in the Black Forest Regional Park.

The park was badly burnt by the fire, leaving the grounds charred and susceptible to flash flooding.

Volunteers re-seeded the area and built log barriers throughout the park, which will help stop and divert flood water from rushing down into the parking lots and fields.

"The fire burned so hot it kind of scarified the soil, which means that it created a layer on top of the soil where water won't penetrate it, and when we do have a rain event, it just rushes down," said Stephen Wall with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, the organization that put on the project.

Volunteers from all over El Paso County helped out.

"It's like we're just one big family y'know? We see something happen to people maybe we live close to, neighbors, friends and something inside of us just wants to come together and help," said Jimmy Kron, a local volunteer.

This was Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado's last project in Black Forest for a while, but the group is planning upcoming projects for the Waldo Canyon burn scar area.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can sign up at VOC.org.