Volunteers Clean Up Flood Damage At Fountain Creek Regional Park

Recovery and cleanup efforts continue in many parts of Colorado following last month's flooding, and many of these efforts are volunteer-based.

One of these volunteer efforts took place over the weekend at Fountain Creek Regional Park. People young and old came together Sunday to begin the restoration process at Cottonwood Meadows, which is south of the Duckwood Active-Use Area. At one point, the field was completely underwater. It's now full of trash and debris.

Volunteers told 11 News the work is hard, but interesting.

"We found shoes. We found coolers. We found part of a fridge," Susan Davis marveled. "I found an elephant carving. I found a full tent with poles intact...so, I mean, if you want to go treasure hunting, this is one way to do it, but [chuckles] kind of a tough way to do it."

Davis says the work is just beginning.

"We have a trail construction project that we're going to tackle down the road, a lot of cleanup, habitat restoration.

"There's work to be done...this is a good start!"