Video Shows Murder Suspect Evan Ebel Shoot Deputy

Authorities in Texas released new video Wednesday depicting a dangerous encounter with the man linked to the high profile murder of Colorado’s prison chief. The video is difficult to watch.

It's the beginning of the end of a suspected killer's flight from justice.

Evan Ebel, the man investigators think killed Tom Clements and Nathan Leon, was eventually caught in Texas.

The video is from the dash cam of Deputy James Boyd, who pulled over the black Cadillac Ebel was driving near Dallas. He appears in the picture, and as the deputy bends down to speak with the driver through the passenger side window he is suddenly shot three times.

Two shots hit his bulletproof vest. The third grazed his forehead.

Boyd was down on the ground as several cars passed by. One driver pulls over, an off-duty detective who helped Boyd and radioed for some back-up.

Ebel was later killed in a shoot-out with police, and evidence was found in his car linking him to the two deaths in Colorado.

Deputy Boyd continues his recovery.