Victims' Families React To Arangio Death

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The families of Aaron and Wayne Fix and Austin Howse are reacting to the news that their alleged killer took his own life Saturday.

They told 11 News Michael Arangio took the easy way out.

"He took the chicken way out,” Dennis Howse, the father of Austin Howse, said.

The families of the three teens have shared mixed emotions about the way it ended.

"I'm glad he didn't hurt anyone else, but I'm very angry that he took such a cowardly way out,” Judy Hernandez, great-aunt of the Fix brothers, said.

On the corner of Montebello and Mira Loma, there's a small memorial for the lives cut short.

"What upsets me most right now is that I don't know if his mother and father or grandparents will ever have answers to what really happened that night,” Hernandez said. “That makes me very, very angry."