Victim's Family: Kidnapping Suspect's Bond is Too Low

A man accused of a violent kidnapping is behind bars right now, but victims are worried that if he's let out, he may retaliate against their families.

Timothy Vigil, 42, was arrested in December after Colorado Springs police say he was behind the brutal beating and kidnapping of a Southern Colorado man.

The mother of the kidnapping victim says when Vigil was taken into custody, he told the victims that if he ever got out, he would kill their family.

Vigil is facing 62 charges from the incident, including kidnapping, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon.

At one point the FBI got involved in the search for Vigil before he was found hiding in a home in Divide.

The family tells 11 News Vigil's bond is set at $60,000 and they think that is too low. They say they've heard he is close to raising that amount.

In Vigil's arrest report some of the victims told investigators that they didn't come forward before because Vigil had threatened to kill them if they did.

Prosecutors asked the judge this week to raise the bond due to those concerns, that request was denied.

11 News looked into Vigil's past and found that throughout the years, Vigil has been charged with other violent crimes like domestic violence and aggravated robbery.

Each of those charges were dismissed.

A local attorney tells 11 News that the bond seems low for a felony charge in his opinion. He also added that if Vigil were to make bond, there would be an automatic restraining orders placed on him to prevent him from contacting the victims.

A spokesperson with the El Paso County District Attorney's Office says the standard bond for that type of charge would be no bond at all. She said it's up to the court to decide whether a bond is granted at all and what amount it would be granted.