Vets Seeing Increase In Dogs Eating Pot

Credit: KCNC

The new pot laws haven't been good for everyone in Colorado.

Since Jan. 1, when recreational marijuana became legal, vets have seen a sizable uptick in the number of dogs that have eaten the drug, usually in the form of edibles.

VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver told sister station KCNC that the situation is no laughing matter. Dogs weigh far less than humans, and as any owner would vouch, have little control over their appetite. It makes for a lethal combination: disorientation, seizures and temporary comas are among the many effects pot can cause in dogs.

The sick pup can find itself showing symptoms for days.

“Half-life for a dog is 72 hours, maybe 96, before it gets out of their system,” Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald told KCNC.

Fitzgerald urges anyone who suspects their dog may have consumed marijuana call their vet immediately.

"Don't wait," he said.