Firefighters Save Structure After Vehicle Fire Starts Feet From Building

Firefighters say a quick response prevented a vehicle fire from spreading to a nearby motel.

Guests at the Chief Motel on 1624 S. Nevada awoke early Monday morning to smoke and flames, and thought the fire was coming from the building. Sixteen firefighters raced to the scene in southwest Colorado Springs, where they determined the fire was actually in a SUV parked next to the motel. The SUV was engulfed in flames. Firefighters sprung into action and aggressively attacked the fire to keep it from spreading.

"We deployed lines quickly and was [sic] able to keep successfully off the building," one firefighter said.

The SUV was towed away from the scene as CSFD now investigates the cause of the fire. At this time, it's unknown whether the fire was started intentionally--or if it was just a unfortunate accident.