Vehicle Damaged by Gunshot

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A neighborhood is on edge after someone fired several gunshots and hit a truck parked in a driveway.

This happened in the University Park neighborhood, near Academy and Union, in Colorado Springs. I talked to one couple who woke up to the gunshots, but at the time, didn't know what they heard.

Colorado Springs Police investigators said they found three .45 caliber bullet casings in the street and a family's truck was hit twice.

One visible bullet hole was in the bed of the truck and the right passenger side tire was also shot. Springs police said it happened just after 3 a.m. Sunday, someone fired those shots toward the home on Wake Forest Court.

We talked to the couple who live next door to the victim. They told us they woke up from hearing the gunshots.

"We heard it, but we had no idea. We were just waking up so startled you know, I didn't think a gun," Nancy Valdez said.

"We know that no neighborhood is immune to violence and to guns and this is no different than any other neighborhood in Colorado Springs, but it is scarier now that we know that our neighbor's truck was hit," John Valdez added.

Police said no one was injured and they believe this was an isolated incident, but wouldn't say much more about a possible suspect.