Vehicle Break-Ins Continue In The Springs

Police responded to a Springs apartment complex early Thursday morning on what's becoming a familiar call.

Vehicle break-ins have been on the rise in Colorado Springs, and Thursday officers responded to two within the same apartment complex.

One of the victims at the Cedar Creek Club Apartments, located near Fountain and Chelton, told 11 News he thought he did everything right: he locked his doors and parked his car in a well-lit area.

But when Christopher Schroeder walked out to his car Thursday morning, he immediately knew something wasn't right.

Schroeder's Jeep had been broken into, his stereo system ripped out from the dashboard, A laptop and toolbox were also reportedly stolen.

11 News first reported on the growing number of break-ins back in September. Police confirmed then that vehicle break-ins and thefts had skyrocketed over the summer. In November, police told 11 News that the number of break-ins was continuing to rise.

Police stress that the best way to avoid becoming a victim is to remove everything of value from your vehicle before you lock it up at night. If you do have your vehicle broken into, call police at 444-7000 and make a report. Officers say they often do recover stolen items.