Vandals Target Local Playground

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Neighbors banded together to clean up a local playground after it was vandalized.

The vandalism happened at McKown Park on the northeast side of the Springs. Photos from Sunday morning show how the park looked before the cleanup began.

Several homeowners woke up and found their neighborhood playground covered in graffiti, spaghetti, eggs and paintball marks. So Monday, they came together with their kids to clean up the mess.

"We're cleaning eggshells, and we're sweeping and raking trying to get all that gunk out," volunteer Savannah Sand said.

Sand, a 9-year-old who lives in the neighborhood and goes to school at nearby Scott Elementary, said seeing what the vandals did is upsetting.

"I thought, like, 'Wow, why would they be bullying the park like this,'" Sand said.

Colorado Springs city workers were also in the area Monday morning using a power wash cleaner to help get some of the graffiti off the playground equipment.

A city spokeswoman said it's a typical service they provide when they spot this type of vandalism, but Sand has a message for whoever's responsible.

"I mean it's like hurting the city, it's like hurting this community who actually plays at this park, and the school who plays at this park," Sand said.

Scott Elementary was also targeted and had graffiti on the wall.

Some of the parents we talked to said they are considering starting a neighborhood watch program to prevent things like this from happening again.

A Colorado Springs city spokeswoman told 11 News this type of vandalism is something they deal with pretty frequently, but said it’s not a growing trend. However, this year alone, city workers have cleaned up vandalism and graffiti in 3,800 different locations.

The city said it doesn't cost very much to clean up, but if they find the people responsible, they could be forced to pay the bill.