Vandals Spray Paint Vehicles

Neighbors woke up Sunday morning to find their vehicles had been vandalized with spray paint, and one man says this isn't the first time there has been trouble on the street.

"It's so sad to see somebody want to be that destructive over here in our neighborhood where we don't bother nobody," resident Anthony Lydell LaCour said.

At least four vehicles and three buildings were spray painted over the weekend on Cochran Drive near Drennan Road and S. Academy Blvd. in Colorado Springs. Police say there was more spray paint vandalism on another nearby street.

"I just thought it was immature and childish. People do that, there's no reason for that," resident Ryan Martinez told us.

A man who was out trying to clean the spray paint off his car says last week his license plate was stolen, and before that someone shot out his headlight.

Police confirmed that license plates were stolen off multiple vehicles in the area last week.

"It's dangerous out here and this makes us feel unsafe now," LaCour added.

The incident is under investigation, at this time police do not have a suspect or vehicle description.