Utilities Scam Hits Email

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A local woman got an email claiming she was late in paying her energy bill, but it's a scam.

Judith Beasley from Colorado Springs said when she received the email, it looked official at first. It was an unknown energy company, but it had an account number and some personal information.

She showed 11 News the email she got Monday morning. She said, almost immediately she knew something wasn't right.

"So I thought okay, it's from the energy company so I opened it, and it has an account number on it and it's not mine," Beasley said.

Wanting to make sure others don't fall for the scam, she called us. The email states Beasley is more than $500 past due on last month's bill.

"If you have a past due bill you're usually in a hurry to pay it," Beasley said.

The email has a link to click on, saying you must log in to your account.

"To view your most recent bill, please click here and you must login to your account,” Beasley said. “No way was I clicking anywhere."

The email also states you can pay your overdue bill if you give them your bank account or credit card.

Beasley said she only receives bills through the mail, so seeing something in her email was another red flag.

We talked to Colorado Springs Utilities and Black Hills Energy, they told us they will never contact a customer through email- who has not signed up for electronic bill pay services. Those emails also come from the company’s official email address.

Both companies stressed, if you ever have any questions or concerns about a possible scam, call them right away.