Urns Stolen From Doorstep

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A crime of opportunity linked to some horrible circumstances. A woman's husband died, and the urns for his ashes were stolen from her doorstep.

Scott Mullennix was just 54 years old when he died. His wife Sandy told 11 News Scott was diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, also known as CJD, a disease the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed as one in a million.

"(September) 27th, he almost made it to his 55th birthday, almost, we celebrated for him and he was there with us,” Sandy said.

According to the CDC, CJD is a deadly neurodegenerative disorder. Scott died less than two months after he was diagnosed and less than six months after he started to show symptoms.

"As per his wishes, we did have him cremated and we ordered urns from a company called Perfect Memorials," Sandy said.

A week after the purchase, Sandy never received the urns. The shipping company confirmed the delivery and that’s when Sandy realized a crook stole them from her doorstep.

"If you took them and realized what you had, sneak them back put them on the porch or something in the middle of the night. I mean I just couldn't understand how a person could keep something like that," Sandy said.

She bought four urns, one for herself and the other three for her children so they could all have some of the ashes. The urns were never returned.

"(We’ll) just try to kind of move on and figure out how we can get CJD out in the public awareness out there," Sandy said.

To do that, she is hoping to plan a benefit in Scott’s honor next year.

There is some good news out of all this: Perfect Memorials, the company she bought those urns from, has already replaced the four stolen urns in time for the memorial service set for Sunday.