Unusual Stop Light at Scene of Deadly Crash

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11 News is getting answers from the city of Colorado Springs about what neighbors call a dangerous intersection.

On Friday a mother and her son were killed at Marksheffel and Bradley Road, just east of Powers in Colorado Springs. Several people told us then, that the intersection scares them every time they drive it. The city told 11 News the signal lights malfunctioned around the time of the accident. We asked why the lights malfunctioned and if that was the cause of the crash. The city says that’s currently under investigation by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Flowers now mark the spot where a mother and her 10 year-old son were killed at the intersection on Friday just after noon. Police say their red mustang slammed into a truck. Neighbors call it a dangerous intersection.

“The lights change quickly,” Renee said.

11 News talked to city engineer, Kathleen Krager. She says shortly after stoplights were installed here in 2006 they switched to a "rest on red" system that keeps all stop lights red at Marsheffel and Bradley until a car approaches.

“The reason why we switched it was exactly because people were trying to run it. They would see the signal from a long distance away, see it had been green for a long time and think I better step on it to make the green light,” Krager explained.

We asked her about neighbors concern with the lights changing too fast.

"If you are speeding then that red light change will seem too fast and you'll have to stop very hard on your breaks,” said Krager.

The city says the whole purpose of the rest on red system is to get people to slow down.

The city engineer says over the last three years there have been 12 accidents at that intersection, including the one Friday. None of the accidents before Fridays involved any injuries.