Unthinkable Pain For Two Moms

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Two mothers are devastated after their sons were killed in a tragic accident. Only 11 News talked to the mothers of the 9-year-old and 17-year-old killed in that crash in the Springs Monday night.

They were pushing their stalled minivan out of the street when police said a driver slammed into them. It happened on Pikes Peak near Memorial Park.

When we sat down to talk to the mom of the 9-year-old, she was still visibly distraught. Her daughter was just released from the hospital Tuesday after suffering an injury to the leg while helping to push the van. Now, balloons and candles mark the scene where two lives were taken too soon.

Priscilla Garcia was driving the minivan when it stalled on Pikes Peak.

"It happened so fast," Garcia told us.

Her 10-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son, Neto White, were pushing the van with family friend 17-year-old Leondro Carabajal. Police say 47-year-old Robert Icnogle slammed into them killing Neto and Leondro.

“I had just seconds to look into the rearview mirror and tell myself, please tell me they're out of the way. Then when I got out of the car, I couldn’t see them I thought, please tell me they’re out of the way. I didn't see them, and they didn't get out of the way,” Garcia said with tears in eyes.

Tuesday night, while talking, she gripped two photos of her son tightly.

"(Neto) was always happy, playing with his brothers and sisters outside, he love playing with his Legos. He always had the greatest smile, just playful Neto, always smiling," Garcia said, unable to hold back the tears.

Jessica Maldonado is the distressed mother of the other boy killed, Leondro.

"I haven't even come close to thinking about burying my son," Maldonado said weaping.

She said her son just moved to Colorado Springs to go to school. She told us what she'll miss most about her son.

"The thing I’m going to miss is my son's singing to me, and kissing me on my lips telling me how much he loves me," a crying Maldonado said.

It’s something they never expected they’d have to do, but the families are just now starting to plan the boys’ funerals. Both families need financial help. If you’d like to help, as soon as they set up funds at a bank, we'll let you know.

We just checked and the driver accused of killing those two boys remains in jail Tuesday night. Robert Icenogle learned about the charges he faces Tuesday afternoon, including vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of drugs.

Arrest papers say Icenogle admitted to using Phenergan and Methadone at the time of the accident. We talked with a pharmacist to find out more about those drugs.

He said Phenergan is commonly used to treat nausea and Methadone is a highly-addictive pain killer that can cause severe drowsiness. He said pharmacists caution people who take Methodone to never drive a car or operate machinery while using it. Both drugs are only available by prescription.