Unlicensed Teen Crashes Into Mobile Home

A trail of destruction is left behind in a Southern Pueblo neighborhood after a teen driver crashes into a mobile home.

The damage to the mobile home is so severe that it is unsafe to live in Tuesday night. The mobile home is off S. Prairie Blvd. and Himes Ave.

Pueblo police tell 11 News that the teen driver lost control of a Ford pickup. The driver was traveling northbound on Prairie Blvd. She was trying to change lanes, then hit a bike rack at a store across the street. The driver then over-corrected and crossed all lanes of oncoming traffic on Prairie.

The driver then took out a fence, went 150 feet and hit a car port, then another 100 feet before hitting the mobile home.

Police tell us she didn’t hit her brakes at all.

That 16-year-old driver is in some serious trouble. We’ve learned she does not even have a driver’s license. She got a ticket for that, and for careless driving.

We’re told the teen was driving the parent’s truck.

Two passengers and the driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The 64-year-old woman inside the home also had minor injuries, but will reportedly be okay.

A witness we spoke with Tuesday night says she thinks the pickup was going at least 50 mph and could have easily killed someone.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like what is going on here. When it went through the fence and then the garage and finally stopped here. I was hoping no one was injured in the house,” said witness Sharon Medina.

Medina was working on the roof of a neighboring mobile home. She says she could hear the tires screeching and was waiting to hear the sound of a crash, when she saw the truck racing through. Medina fears what would have happened if someone was walking on the sidewalk, or was in the yard when the car came racing through.

“I’m still shaken up about it, because it could have hurt someone who was walking down. The car crossed oncoming traffic. I’m just surprised there was not more damage,” said Medina.

Medina says it’s a good reminder for all drivers to remember that a car can be a deadly weapon, and that we all need to be cautious while driving. And important to not be distracted while driving.