Undersheriff May Get Plea Deal

A Southern Colorado undersheriff who allegedly caused a terrible accident could walk away with a slap on the wrist. KKTV 11 News is asking why.

If a judge agrees to it, Otero County Undersheriff Ken Kimsey will face nothing more than a fine.

Kimsey was originally charged with two counts of careless driving causing injury, which could have carried up 10 days to a year in jail, or a $300 to $1,000 fine.

But 11 News has learned under a plea deal offered to him by the District Attorney’s office he may now only face a charge of following too closely. That means no jail time and any fine would be decided by a judge.

According to court documents as part of the plea deal, Kimsey has to write apology letters to the two women involved in the crash. But that may not be enough for the victims. Court papers show the daughter of one of the victims plans to ask the judge to reject the deal, and will be in court.

She will be in court to tell him that for herself. Kimsey will be sentenced and the judge will decide whether or not to accept the plea deal on July 26.

11 News has tried contact the Fifteenth Judicial District Attorney's Office several times to ask why they decided to make a plea agreement. Our phone calls have not been returned.

State troopers say the undersheriff crashed into the back of a car when he was off duty last July near the intersection of Highway 10 and County Road 25 in La Junta. The two women inside the car he crashed into were seriously hurt with neck and back injuries, according to court documents 11 News obtained. Their car was totaled.

Over the past year, those women have had numerous medical treatments. One of the victim’s daughter reportedly quit her job to take care of her mother. Both Vera Ruth Goodrich and the other victim, Elizabeth Domsten are left with hefty medical bills, hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to their attorneys.

11 News paid a visit to the Otero County Sheriff’s office. Undersheriff Ken Kimsey did not want to talk about the accident, but did give us this statement:

“This is an unfortunate situation that I am trying to move past. Accidents are accidents. I feel bad for everybody involved.”

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