Udall To See Mitigation Efforts In Manitou Springs

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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. A Colorado senator is visiting our area Friday to see how much work is being done to prevent flash flooding. US Senator Mark Udall is meeting with Manitou Springs officials at 2 p.m. to check out mitigation efforts at Williams Canyon.

As we've reported, the Manitou Springs Fire Chief said Williams Canyon is the biggest threat to the city when it rains. Last month, city officials installed cameras in the canyon, similar to those in Waldo Canyon. The cameras are being used to monitor rainfall. Udall will be checking out some of the work there, plus sharing what he thinks should be done.

Lydia Reed with Osburn's Gift Shop in Manitou Springs says she's impressed with how much prevention work the city's finished after last summer's flooding.

"They've done a lot of mitigation already and it has seemed to helped because when we had the heavier rains up the past, we haven't had the flooding issue like we had in the past," said Lydia.

Udall will also be talking with city officials about a bill he's trying to pass that would create a permanent disaster assistance fund. It would be used to prevent mudslides, water contamination and other runoff issues.