USAFA Cadet Rescues Man from Subway Tracks

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An Air Force Academy cadet is getting high marks for an act of valor. His split second decision likely saved a man's life.

Cadet Third Class Garrett O’Hanlon plans to one day wear an Air Force uniform. The equipment manager for the lacrosse team already has the title many give to our servicemen and women.

"In the hall all my buddies are screaming hero!" he said Tuesday.

Garrett jumped into action at a subway station during a recent visit to New York City. He was visiting his sister for a birthday trip last weekend when he was faced with an emergency.

"Everybody kind of held their breath," he said.

A man fell off the platform onto the tracks in the early morning hours of February 17. The train was two minutes away and Garrett rushed to his rescue. Two other men helped Garrett get the man off the tracks moments ahead of the arriving train.

Garrett thinks he only did what any of his friends would do.

"Being here [at the Academy] and being around people who wouldn't think twice about jumping in: it's just contagious," he said.

His friends and leaders think he is simply ahead of the curve.

"He didn't think,” said head lacrosse coach Eric Seremet. “He just reacted and that really goes to show where his heart is and the type of person he is."

The man Garrett rescued was taken to the hospital and is reportedly recovering.