UPDATE: Firefighters Make Progress On Pinon Canyon Fires

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Fort Carson firefighters have been battling two fires in the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site area since the morning of June 7 when the first fire, nick-named “Callie Marie” ignited. The second fire, “Bear Springs,” was discovered late Tuesday morning 15 miles west of the Callie Marie fire.

Due to extreme weather conditions, both fires rapidly gained speed and acreage.

As of Sunday morning, the “Bear Springs” fire has scorched 35,000 acres and is 90 percent contained. The “Callie Marie” blaze has burned 9,000 acres and is also 90 percent contained.

Dry lightning is likely the cause of both blazes burning on the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site.

As many as 205 firefighters have responded to the two fires. There have been no notable injuries, although one firefighter has sustained minor burns, and another was hospitalized earlier in the week for dehydration.

11 News will continue to stay in contact with Fort Carson for all the latest updates.