UCCS Responds To Criticism About Web Page

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The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is responding to criticism they're getting about one of their web pages.

The controversy surrounds a list of tips for women on how to protect against an attacker.

The school says it's all a misunderstanding over a page that was posted years ago. They say the tips listed were supplemental material meant only for women who had already taken an intensive self defense program.

Even so the list has some students on campus talking.

"I think someone should have taken the time to review this before just posting something like this,” says Catherine O’Neil, a student at UCCS.

While some women on campus don’t find the list helpful at all, others are downright offended.

They say the tips skip the part about trying to defend yourself and go straight to surrendering.

Tom Hutton a spokesperson for the school says that list was taken out of context and the tips were not meant for widespread distribution.

"These were really provided as last resort responses, things that you probably wouldn’t think of, that no one would probably think of," Hutton said.

The school is apologizing and has already updated the public safety page.