Two Suspicious Fires Spark In Same Area

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Fire crews scrambled to stop the flames for the second time in the same area. On a day dry conditions and high winds, it seemed hard to imagine that someone would start a fire, let alone two.

That may be what happened. Two fires in one spot in the heart of Colorado Springs.

This all happened on Mountview Lane just off North Nevada. 11 News spoke with both fire and police investigators who say they are still searching for a cause to this possible crime.

A small grass fire broke out just a few yards from the first fire scene which took out four cars and a recreational vehicle. Witnesses who saw it tell 11 News it started under one of the cars. Then the wind whipped those flames to the other cars and the RV all of them parked right up against a building.

Crews were still on scene mopping up when they realized something was wrong.

"Just finished cleaning up that fire and then this fire came in, some of our folks smelled smoke and came over here and found this fire," Colorado Springs Fire Lt. Greg Martinez said.

Crews quickly stopped the grass fire, the second fire, which started in a dry creek bed. Again the wind played a major role and fanned the flames up hill. That time, no buildings or vehicles were threatened.

"Don't have anything that points out what may have started the fire which makes it cause for suspicion," Lt. Martinez said.

An arson investigator was already on scene of the first fire and stayed to work the second just steps away. It was the location and the lack of evidence that have investigators thinking arson.

"There's nothing there to really perpetuate a fire, nothing that's other than man made that perpetuate this fire at this point," Lt. Martinez said.

Stay with 11 News as we continue to follow this possible arson and we'll let you know if police decide to pursue a suspect.

If you have any information on either fire, you can call crime stoppers and remain anonymous at 634-STOP.