Baby Rescued From Train Tracks; Woman Faces Attempted Murder Charges

Credit: Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

Two city workers are being credited with pulling a 2-week-old baby girl from train tracks in Southern Colorado.

Pueblo police tell 11 News that it happened around 2:15 Friday afternoon on the north side of Pueblo, near 29th and Lowell.

Onlookers watched in horror after reporting seeing a woman leave a newborn on the tracks, then running away. Some witnesses told 11 News that at first, they didn't realize the suspect had dropped off a baby, as the little girl was so tiny.

Others said they didn't want to believe their eyes.

"I thought this there's no way this could be a baby. I said this has to be a doll. She has to be in on some joke."

But shaking off their shock, people sprung into action.

"I was freaking out," Eduardo Fontes told 11 News. "On the first car, I knocked on their window and was like hey man this woman just left her baby. The baby is on the tracks right next to the train."

Others chased the woman, caught her and held her there until officers arrived. Authorities say when police got there, a group of people were with the woman, keeping her from leaving.

The baby was taken to the hospital to be checked out and she appears to be okay.

The woman has been identified as 31-year old Jessica Sloan. Officers say she was incoherent when being taken into police custody.

Sloan faces charges of attempted first-degree murder. Authorities say she also has a number of local warrants, including a $500 failure to appear warrant for theft.

Sloan is currently being held on a $500,000 bond.