Family Helps Catch Burglars; Solve Six Crimes

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A Southern Colorado family helps put two burglary suspects behind bars. Now their efforts helped solve six crimes.

The two burglars, 18-year-old Devin Michael Alvarado-Purcell and 20-year-old Nicholas Tisdel, are both in jail. And we’ve learned from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office that the suspects have now been tied to a half dozen crimes, including five burglaries.

11 News reporter Kendra Potter was the first to tell the Monument family the good news: that their efforts in helping catch the two burglars right in their own yard, helped solve six crimes.

Peter and Tanya Omran say they have never experienced anything like this during their 13 years in their Monument neighborhood.

"At 2 in the morning you're thinking this doesn't sound right. And not just the doorbell ringing, there was pounding on the door,” said Peter Omran.

The Omrans and their 23-year-old daughter didn’t know what was happening. So they waited quietly.

“These guys leave and they come back again and ring the doorbell and pound on the door again. Now we know for sure, something is wrong,” said Peter.

That’s when they call police. Now the suspects are trying to get inside.

“They are pounding, they are trying to get into the house. They're really shaking the door,” said Peter.

When officers arrived there was no sign of the burglars. Until Tanya turned on the light to their side porch, that sits about 10 feet off the ground.

"Wow, oh my gosh, they're there. I couldn't believe it. I was turning the light on so police would have more light on that side of our house and come to find out, there’s where they were hiding,” said Tanya.

The crooks were crouching in the corner of the lifted porch. Tanya could see them through their living room window.

“It was surreal, you never expect to find two robbers hiding. We were no more than a few feet away from them,” said Peter.

Then the suspects tried to escape by jumping off the porch and onto their lawn.

“As soon as they jumped I was right behind them saying ‘they are right here, they are right here.’ They didn’t get more than five steps on the grass before the policeman came back,” said Peter.

Now the two men are behind bars, and this family overjoyed they had a part in making their neighborhood safer.

“It's awesome to know that we caught these guys and they cannot go and hurt other people,” said Peter.

Tanya adds, “We don't have to live in terror.”

The arrested suspects are identified as 18-year-old Devin Michael Alvarado-Purcell and 20-year-old Nicholas Tisdel. Alvarado-Purcell faces charges of attempted burglary on a dwelling, and is currently being held on a $10,000 bond. Tisdel is being held without bond on a charge of attempted burglary on a dwelling and a couple of drug-related charges.

The Sheriff's Office was soon able to find a link between these two suspects and other burglaries in the area. After their arrest, more charges were handed down for their alleged involvement in four burglaries and a vehicle break-in: three counts of second-degree burglary, two counts of first-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, criminal mischief, theft, and theft by receiving.

Not only do victims have some closure now, but many will also get their stolen stuff back. More than $53,000 worth of items were recovered from the suspects’ houses and will be returned to their rightful owners.

Thanks in part to this vigilant, brave family.

“Our joy is that there is closure for other people that were robbed as well. They found the guys, they’re getting their stuff back, and it’s really a comforting feeling to have,” said Peter. “It was just by the grace of God that were able to catch them.”