Two City Employees Received $25,000 Bonuses

11 News is learning two city employees earned a one-time $25,000 bonus last year.

One is Laura Neumann. She's the chief of staff for Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach and earns $165,000 each year. The other is city attorney Chris Melcher who makes more than $187,529 annually.

When we asked the city why we got this statement:

"Chief of Staff Laura Neumann was instrumental in implementing the City's new Strategic Planning Process. For the first time, Executive Branch departments now have Breakthrough Strategies that feature time-specific goals. This new approach results in delivering improved customer service to our citizens. Critical core services such as more evening bus routes, a return of street lighting, and an increase in police and fire strength have all taken place with her guidance and within a flat budget. City Attorney Chris Melcher was critical to the successful completion of the lease of the Memorial Health System to University of Colorado Health. Many fantastic community benefits, such as a branch medical campus of UCCS, will be coming to Colorado Springs thanks in large part to Chris' hard work. It is important to remember that these one-time bonuses were paid within the overall budget and personnel policy structures approved by City Council."

On Wednesday afternoon, 11 News asked to speak to Mayor Bach on camera to discuss the bonuses, but we were told he was not available.