Two Boys Accused of Stealing from Vehicles

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Two juveniles are accused of stealing items out of unlocked vehicles in Colorado Springs.

The boys, who have not been named because they are under 18-years-old, are accused of stealing from at least two vehicles, but police say there could be more victims.

The suspects were caught after police received a call that two people people were opening car doors on E. Fountain Blvd. near S. Hancock Ave.

Police say when they caught up with the suspects, they had stolen items from at least two vehicles. They also reportedly had other items that didn't belong to them, leading police to suspect there could be more victims.

11 News spoke to one of the victims, Sunday. He said that he first noticed a car's inside light was on when he got up for a glass of water. When he went outside to check it out, he saw two young men opening car doors on El Paso Street. That's when he called police.

Martin Anderson lives nearby. He said, "I was kind of shocked because you normally don't see that much trouble going on in this area."

Police are asking anyone who had items stolen from their vehicle to call police at 444-7000.