Woman Arrested After Bodies Of Mother, Husband Discovered

Suspect Donna Kaiser-Anderson (Credit: EPSO)

We now know who investigators suspect is responsible for a double homicide that happened in a mobile home park in Colorado Springs. And we’re learning more from neighbors about the sad turn of events.

Donna Kaiser-Anderson is now behind bars. The 57-year-old is the only suspect in a suspected double murder.

Investigators discovered two bodies inside Kaiser-Anderson’s trailer Friday. While the names of the victims are not being released, investigators say the two found dead were the suspect’s mother and the suspect’s husband.

Investigators confirmed a shooting took place.

"When deputies initially made the discovery at the trailer they did, in terms of the male victim, did see what they believe to be gunshot wounds,” said Lt. Jeff Kramer, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators are waiting on autopsy results to determine how the older woman died. They are also working to learn exactly when the shooting took place.

One neighbor tells 11 News they heard a “bang” on Tuesday night. The neighbor on the other side said she heard a “boom, boom, boom” and another “boom,boom,boom” about 15 minutes later on Wednesday night.

Detectives were led to the mobile home, after a neighbor found a bullet in their own trailer.

We talked to those neighbors who discovered the bullet hole that led investigators to the crime.

Steve and Sandy Bradley found a bullet lodged into their cabinet Thursday night. It went through the side of their trailer, and got stuck in their kitchen cabinet.

Friday morning they started asking neighbors questions about if they heard any gunshots. That’s when Bradley found a bullet hole in Kaiser-Anderson’s mobile home.

The Bradleys tell us that Kaiser-Anderson reportedly said she didn’t hear anything. The Bradleys say she was acting strange, and ultimately they called investigators.

The neighbors say if they hadn’t, they don’t know when the bodies would have been discovered.

We talked to other neighbors who say they are still in shock about what happened. We learned more from them about the turn of events that led to the loss of two lives.

They say they believe there may have been some problems at home and are saddened by the loss. Right now investigators are not releasing a possible motive.

One neighbor who knew the mother of the suspect, for 18 years, was heartbroken to hear the news. The family called the mother “an angel on earth”.

The discovery has rattled the quiet community, located off Western Drive in far eastern Colorado Springs.

"I just can't believe it. My husband has done work on their home and she [the suspect] just seemed like a really down-to-earth person. She would talk to anyone...it's weird," April Bell, who lives three doors down, told 11 News.

Deputies say Kaiser-Anderson is the only suspect in this case, and there is no danger to the rest of the neighborhood. Kaiser-Anderson is being held at the CJC on a $250,000 bond for second-degree murder.

11 News will provide further updates as soon as new information is made available.