Two Accused Of Stealing From Seniors To Spend 8 Years In Prison

Two people accused of stealing from seniors will serve eight years in prison.

Erik Burt and Javon Ristick have pleaded guilty to charges of burglary.

Burt and Ristick are self-proclaimed gypsies who stole tens of thousands of dollars in cash and belongings from 10 senior citizens. The pair targeted homes along the Front Range, including houses here in Colorado Springs.

According to the state attorney general's office, the two are believed to have worked in tandem; Ristick would allegedly converse with the victims to distract them while Burt sifted through the homes for valuables. They are believed to have gained access to the homes in the first place by stopping by and asking to use the restroom, under the guise of being a neighbor or relative.

The pair will not only serve time in prison, but will also be forced to pay more than $52,000 each in restitution.

Erik Burt
Javon Ristick