Tumbleweeds Taking Over

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Tumbleweeds have rolled through the state and landed in Southeast El Paso County.

Dee Ripple and her husband Bruce posted a few pictures on our KKTV 11 News Facebook page for all to see. We went out there to check out those tumbleweeds.

There were weeds completely covering parts of the road outside of Fountain.

Ripple’s car, motorcycle, garage, tractor, horses and front area of her home were covered by huge tumbleweeds.

They tell 11 News it is entertaining to see, but they do have some concerns.

“They’ll compact under your car when you’re trying to drive and then you got a danger that the catalytic converter igniting the weeds, so that’s going to be a concern for quite awhile” said Bruce Ripple.

Also, people tossing cigarette butts out the window carelessly is a concern for the couple. One lit cigarette could cause the entire area to go up in flames.

Ripple says the tumbleweeds began to germinate after a drought and rain period and this is the result.

The couple has lived in their home for eight years and have never seen the tumbleweed problem get this bad.
“It’s attack of the tumbleweeds, “ Dee Ripple.

El Paso County road crews have been out on some county roads to try to mow down some of the problem areas.