Wind Causes Big Problems

Near Drennan Rd. & Marksheffel Rd, Photo Credit KKTV

Tumbleweeds rolled through town Tuesday, stacking up along fences, cars and homes, leaving some residents without a way to escape.

Residents reported not being able to get out of their driveway, and in some cases, their homes.

"I think they're annoying, they make a mess and I don't know how the neighborhood is going to clean them up,” Kayce Roberts said.

11 News talked with the public service director with El Paso County. He says if the tumbleweeds are on your property, it's your responsibility.

But if they are in the street, the county will bring out a snow plow to remove them. If you have a tumbleweed problem on your street you can call the El Paso County Services Department at 719-520-6460.

In other parts of southern Colorado blowing dust caused problems.

Highway 287 was temporarily closed from Limon to the Oklahoma boarder because visibility was so low. State Patrol said there were multiple accidents on that stretch of highway.