Truck Stolen From Designated Driver Volunteer

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A man who volunteers his time to help others, became a victim when his truck was stolen. That truck is used to help keep the community safe, by keeping drunk drivers off the road.

The theft happened at an auto-parts store near Palmer Park and Powers in Colorado Springs. Tom Clark was parked in the well-lit parking lot when he went into the store to pick up a few last minute things for work. He forgot the list of things he needed in the truck so when he went back outside to get it, he realized the truck was gone.

"It was a little bit of disbelief I just kind of shook my head like this can't be happening," Clark said.

Clark is hoping someone will recognize the truck. It doesn't have the black topper on, but everything else in the photo is the same. He says the keys must have fallen out of his pocket or off his lap when he initially got out of the pick-up.

Clark and his girlfriend use the truck when volunteering for the Designated Drivers of Colorado Springs. An organization that deters drunk driving by not only picking up the drivers, but also drive that person’s car home for free.

"People still need rides home safely, and that's not going to stop just because I had a bad day," Clark said.

"These drivers go above and beyond to keep this organization strong. (Tom’s) just an incredible guy, and he just doesn’t deserve this, nobody does," Nonie Rispin, Designated Drivers of Colorado Springs founder said.

Most of Clark’s work tools were inside along with other valuable items, but he says the pickup has sentimental value.

"It was given to me by my grandfather, he bought it brand new and my mom owned it after him and I bought it from her," Clark said.

He hopes the large Scentsy sticker featured on the back of his truck will make it stand out to anyone who sees it. He added that there are quite a few identifying marks on the truck.

The truck is a 2000 Chevy Silverado. Along with the large Scentsy sticker on the back, he also has a New York Yankees sticker colored green, white, and red. It’s a light gold, champagne color. It has a large, black, brush guard on the front- covering the lights and grill. He said the side-step runner not only goes along both sides of the cab, but also extends along the bed of the truck.

Now you may remember, in November another couple who volunteers with Designated Drivers of Colorado Springs had their car stolen. That car was found within the week, and now Clark is hoping for the same result.

If you have any information about the truck or know where it might be, it could earn you a cash reward. Call Crimestoppers 634-STOP.