Truck Crashes Onto Yard Just Feet From Home

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A mom and her baby are safe after a truck crashed into their front yard. Elke Dotson and her 17-month-old baby were sitting in their living room just on the other side of their front window.

"I heard a bam! It sounded like a bomb went off," Dotson said.

She said the driver of this truck ran the stop sign at Aster Street and crossed four lanes of traffic on West Pueblo Boulevard, before he jumped the curb and crashed through their concrete retaining wall.

"If this retaining wall wasn't here, he could've killed us," Dotson said.

Dotson added that after crash, the driver immediately tried to leave.

"He started the car and my husband said, ‘no-no, you're not going anywhere’ and then the police arrived," Dotson told us.

According to Pueblo police, the driver of the truck also hit another car before smashing through the wall.

"[He] could've killed us sitting right here in our own house and he had no remorse. None whatsoever, he didn't say sorry--nothing," Dotson said.

She believes the driver has been in several accidents before and isn't insured.

The Pueblo Police Department said the driver was ticketed for not having insurance and failing to stop at a stop sign. In fact, investigators said they took the driver's license and it will now be handed over to the DMV.