Truck Crashes Near Family's Home

A Colorado Springs family is lucky to be unharmed today after a pickup truck nearly drive through their front door.

It happened early Tuesday morning near the intersection of Fountain and Chelton. The driver, 28 year-old Decoven Phillips, was arrested at the scene for an outstanding warrant and DUI charges.

11 News spoke with the family, they tell us Phillips tried to run from the scene.

"He tried to do a burn out and back out and I told him to get out of the car a few times and then he got out. So I chased him up the road, and then he came back and I chased him up the road again and finally got him to surrender in the parking lot," said Keith Sanchez.

Sanchez tells 11 News he kept Philips at the scene until police arrived.

Sanchez said his children were in the living room at the time of the crash and were just a few feet away from where the truck came to a stop.