Truck Crashes Into 89-Year-Old's Home

An 89-year-old man is unharmed after a driver fleeing police crashed into his home.

But much of his home is in tatters after the truck rammed almost straight through the house.

"Thank goodness nobody was sitting on the sofa," Robert Taylor told 11 News, pointing at what was left it. "The truck ran right over it.

"Fortunately I was at the other end of the building," he added.

The driver ran away after crashing his truck into the home, and has not been located by police.

The incident started just after 1 a.m. when the truck went blazing into the Stratton Open Space parking lot on La Veta Way while officers were conducting an investigation. The driver sped out of the parking lot when police tried to stop him, hitting a city-owned sign on his way out.

Officers found the truck just over a quarter-mile away after it crashed into Taylor's home on the 1400 block of Vista Place.

Taylor tells 11 News he's frustrated the person responsible is still on the loose.

"What I could say to him is, 'Whatever your problem is, why don't you just turn yourself in? Let people know who you are so I can at least take advantage of your insurance.'"

Despite the devastation, Taylor told 11 News he knows he'll recover, saying he built almost everything in the house before--and will do it again.