Troops Back From 4-Month Tour

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It was an emotional reunion Wednesday afternoon at Peterson Air Force Base for airmen and their friends and families.

The 302nd Airlift Wing returned from a four-month tour in southwest Asia. Part of their mission involved cargo drops and moving healthy and wounded troops.

Family and friends of the troops got to the base early and waited patiently as the airmen returned in four planes.

"Not being able to see him for so long, just different feelings come back. Like I actually had butterflies," said Melinda Boucher, the wife of Sr. Airman Mike Boucher.

"Oh man, it was like literally seeing my wife again for the first time. It was the best feeling in the world," said Sr. Airman Mike Boucher.

This is the first time reservists and active duty members from Peterson Air Force Base have been deployed at the same time.